Men's Group Therapy

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Men's Group Therapy in Berkeley, CA

Currently, we offer a psychotherapy group for men (6-8 members). Please inquire about availability.

There are a number of difficulties facing men today that are not getting the attention they deserve. In fact, the very question, "What is a man?" is now up for debate in our cultural milieu. Fathers' identities are uncertain as they are alienated, often feel abandoned, inadequate, and without a voice. Notions like "toxic masculinity" are currently floating around, questioning the goodness of individual men and manhood itself. These are examples of issues that are taken up in the group, as well as relationships, sexuality, manliness in its different degrees and kinds, depression, pride in oneself, competition, aggression/assertiveness, meaning in life...

We focus on the process of the group-- that is, the development of individual relationships between group members as well as the group leader-- as a way for each member to better understand themselves. It's a terrific experience that has profoundly helped so many men-- not to be missed.