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Couples Therapy in Berkeley, CA

Couples therapy is about developing security and freedom within a relationship, whether the hope is to heal and repair a marriage, or to successfully remain friends, decouple, or co-parent. Our couples therapist is highly nuanced and skilled after extensive training and fieldwork.

Ghosts from previous relationships have followed you into this one. It is unfair to you, your partner, your family, and your pursuit of happiness. It's true. The divorce rate is high and it keeps getting higher. But these statistics say nothing about whether your relationship or marriage will last.

Firstly, we ask what the couple wants and needs. This is the assessment phase. When a couple experiences troubles, it can be difficult if not impossible for them to solve their problems by themselves. Why not? They are too amidst the experience of coupledom. An outside perspective is needed. Making the decision to attend therapy creates opportunities for both the couple and each as individuals as well.

Couples often experience hopelessness. It may seem as though the behavior in relation to the other has fossilized into something unchangeable.

A psychoanalytic/psychodynamic understanding lends itself to an investigation of the what is going on within the couple, and with such knowledge comes a freedom to change. When individual members suffer from psychological difficulties such as separation anxiety, depression, trauma, bipolar disorder, or attachment issues, these factors must be identified and dealt with as well, because they impact upon both members of the couple and the structure of the coupledom.