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We invite you to join your therapist
in the artistry of your own healing.

Most importantly, we want the answer to that question to be you. Our therapist, Dr. Stephen L Salter, is here help to guide you, the patient, in relating to the unconscious world, developing the deepest set of tools for growth and healing

Beginning Therapy: The Art of Listening

Dr. Stephen L. Salter offers something deeper.  Being understood in therapy requires a manner of listening that is cultivated and nuanced.

We listen to a person's history, which is unique and provides many clues to why certain struggles have emerged. Typically people are creative and resourceful and their struggles involve strategies they have created in the past to carry them through difficult times, familiar protections which now weight them down.

We listen to the unconscious--in dreams, in fantasies, in actions and beliefs, each of us speaks from the deepest part of ourselves, and when we tap into it, there are veins of wisdom there.  One way to conceive of many psychological struggles is the loss of contact with all aspects of oneself. Addressing this loss of contact not only helps reduce symptoms, it enhances life and the range of choices a person has.

We listen to a person's life philosophy.  This includes someone's background culture(s), value system, heroes, and picture of success. It includes that highly individual and exquisitely nuanced thing: one's understanding of what mental health means, which involves what it takes to be happy, what it takes to be noble, and what feels most alive.

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