Learn More About an Alternative Bipolar Treatment

Learn More About an Alternative Bipolar Treatment

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If you’re suffering from bipolar disorder, you might find it difficult to assimilate to the expectations of your everyday life or workplace. Bipolar therapy with Stephen L. Salter PsyD
is a way to help you feel understood and connected and free yourself from feelings of alienation and desperation. You can expect to:

  • Create a dialogue between your aspirations and life’s demands.
  • Strengthen your psychological organization.
  • Build a foundation for a sustainable life.

As a psychotherapist, I’ll help you find the middle ground between holding multiple perspectives and limiting yourself to black-and-white thinking. Call today to schedule a bipolar therapy session with Stephen L. Salter PsyD.

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If you’re seeking a new way to treat your bipolar disorder, bipolar therapy may be an option. While every experience is unique, I believe that it’s important to understand the meaning behind bouts of mania and depression. Learn more about my approach to bipolar therapy by calling 310-601-0774.