Welcome to the site of Stephen L. Salter Psy.D

Welcome to the site of Stephen L. Salter Psy.D

Offering depression, Bipolar Disorder therapy and other services in the Beverly Hills, Berkeley, & San Francisco CA areas!

Living with bipolar disorder can be confusing, alienating, at times exciting, and at times painfully devastating.  If you are suffering from symptoms that look like bipolar disorder, the good news is there is reason to believe that an effective treatment approach can be designed specifically for your needs.  My approach to treating bipolar disorder is very different from the standard treatment.

I understand bipolar symptoms as a very human way of responding to complex situations. Having a rich internal world with extreme feelings and moods can speak to important ways of responding to the conflict between an individual and his or her surroundings.  Treatment that overemphasize neurological factors can undermine the dignity of the individual.  An individual is always more than a bundle of neurons.  What is often overlooked is the curative power of psychotherapy–understanding the specific meanings of manic and depressive states.

The aim of my approach to is to work with individuals on their own terms and help them make sense of their worlds of experience.  Together, we create a relational home for putting complex experiences and painful feelings into words.  We work together to build a solid ground.   With that foundation, patients begin to feel better and may pursue and realize their aspirations securely, not manically.  Each person is utterly unique.  Each treatment is different.  When called for, there is great value to be found in a team of caring and talented collaborators.



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